Introduction to MCSearch for Seminary students

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Welcome to Introduction to MCSearch for Seminary students, a Milligan College Library online tutorial!

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Welcome to MCSearch!

MCSearch is the place to begin searching for Milligan College Libraries resources.

What does MCSearch search?

  • All Books, DVDs, CDs, and Scores in both the Welshimer and Seminary libraries
  • All ebooks
  • Many, but not all, of the Milligan College Libraries databases with access to newspaper, magazine and journal articles
  • Streaming educational videos from Films on Demand

If you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in. Use your Milligan Network ID and password. It's the same one you use for Canvas.

Does MCSearch search all the resources available from the Milligan College Libraries?

Because MCSearch searches many databases at the same time, the results will be much higher and may be less relevant to Seminary students.  Often Seminary students will have greater success searching in Religion specific databases. Completing this tutorial is still valuable as it will introduce you to search strategies and database features that can be applied to all database searching. 

Let's Get Searching!

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Let's say you were given an assignment about the images of God described in the Bible.

Type:  images of God

in the MCSearch box.

Click the "Search" button.

How many results did you get for the search images of God in MCSearch?

Let's Get Searching!

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There are several ways to refine this search.

Type: "images of God"

in the MCSearch box. Remember to include the "" marks. Click the "Search" button.

How many results did you get for "images of God"?

The "" forces the computer to look for the exact phrase within the quotation marks. Keep the exact phrases short (usually 2-3 words). 

Let's Get Searching!

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Take a look at the results. Many of them are not about Biblical images of God. MCSearch searches databases from many different subject areas. Let's try another strategy to focus the search.

Type: "images of God" AND Bible

in the MCSearch box.

TIP: If you have two search terms and you want have BOTH terms in your search results, use AND all in CAPS between them.

Click the "Search" button.

How many results did you get for "images of God" AND Bible?

Let's Get Searching!

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Now the number of results is much lower. Skim through some of the results. You might see that some of the citations use the term Biblical instead of Bible. Is there a way to search for both Biblical and Bible at the same time? Yes, there is. MCSearch and many databases can search for forms of a word. It is called truncation.

Type: "images of God" AND Bibl*

in the MCSearch box. Please type an * (Shift + 8 key) at the end of Bibl. Click the "Search" button.

Did you get more results for the search "images of God" AND Bibl* than for "images of God" AND Bible?

Finding Resources

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Let's look more closely at the results. Scroll down a few screens. Find: Receptions and Transformations of the Bible

Ebook icon





This is an ebook, an electronic book that is available full text online. You can tell by the icon in the results.

How would you access the full text of this ebook?

Finding Resources

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Look at the results list again. Scroll up a bit.

Disturbing divine behavior : troubling Old Testament images of God

in the results list.

Seminary Book icon





This is a book in the Seminary Library as its location is Seminary Library. If the location is Welshimer Library, then the book is at the main campus library. 

What information would you need to find this book in the Seminary library?

Finding Resources

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We have been looking at results for books and ebooks. Most of the results list is made up of periodicals. Periodicals include journals, magazines and newspapers. They are resources published at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and contain articles.

Find: "Biblical images of God and the reader's 'I' as Imago Dei: the contribution of Edith Stein"

How would you find the full text of the article, "Biblical images of God and the reader's 'I' as Imago Dei: the contribution of Edith Stein"?

Finding Resources

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Let's look at another one. Scroll down several screens.

Find: "Incarnate words: images of God and reading practices"

How would you find the full text of the article: "Incarnate words: images of God and reading practices"?

Finding Resources

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Let's look at one other possible message. 

Find: "Images of God and creation in Genesis 1-2".

What message is given for "Images of God and creation in Genesis 1-2"?

Finding Resources

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What does this message mean? The Milligan Libraries are able to borrow resources from libraries throughout the world, in most cases at no cost to you. This is called Interlibrary Loan. Keep in mind that it requires TIME for the items to be sent to us.

Please allow 1 week for periodical articles and 2 weeks for books and DVDS. We cannot guarantee delivery of ILLs in that timeframe. Most articles will be delivered electronically. Books are mailed to the library. For students at a distance ILLing books may not be practical. Please contact the library staff to discuss options. 

Click on "Request via Interlibrary Loan" (or I-L-L for short). Fill out the form. Click "submit". Library staff will work on fulfilling your request.

Finding Resources

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That's a quick introduction about searching and search results in MCSearch! Would you like to know more? Select MCSearch:Advanced Search and for additional tutorials, click the Tutorials Tab above the MCSearch box on the Milligan Libraries homepage.

If you would like to see the Milligan Libraries Religion and Philosophy databases, go here

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Phone: 423-461-1540

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