Interlibrary Loan Training: Introduction

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The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a real time, live training experience on using WorldShare Interlibrary Loan to receive and process interlibrary loan materials for Milligan College Library. 

Throughout this tutorial there are review questions for you to answer to clarify your understanding.  These are not required but encouraged, especially if you are new to Interlibrary Loan.  At the end of this training will be a short quiz that should be completed at least once and forwarded to your supervisor. 

This tutorial is divided into 5 chapters following the FIVE INTERLIBRARY LOAN STEPS

1. Receive borrowed items for Milligan patrons

2.  Forward documents to Milligan patrons

3. Complete and check in lent materials returned to Milligan library

4. Return borrowed items to lending libraries

5. Fulfill lending request from other libraries

Interlibrary Loan Training: Introduction

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At the beginning of each ILL shift, always start with Step one and finish that step completely before moving on to the next step.   If you are in the middle of a step and must end your work time,  please communicate where you stopped and what actions still need to be taken by leaving a note on the item(s) signed with your initials.

Interlibrary Loan Training: Introduction

3 of 3Access the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (WSILL) module through the Mozilla Firefox Browser which is usually minimized in the task bar on the ILL Workroom computer.   If the browser has been closed,  go to Firefox ->Bookmarks Icon-> Interlibrary Loan Home to open WSILL.  Type in the current username (mc_ill) and password (posted on the computer monitor).  Click ILLsign in button.  You may be asked to identify the library you are currently working in.  Select Milligan or Seminary as appropriate and click OK. 

STEP ONE-Receive borrowed items-Books & A/V

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Carefully open all package(s) using the box cutter found in the plastic drawer under the work table.  Deal with one item at a time.

Locate the paperwork for the item.  Most ILL items will have paperwork included and will usually have a copy of the ILL request  with the 9 digit Request Identifier (hereafter "ILL number") and due date as well as a shipping label to return items.

What is received with an Interlibrary Loan item?

STEP ONE-Receive borrowed items-Books & A/V

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On the Interlibrary Loan Home page in the search box, enter or scan the ILL number.

ILL Search box

The retrieved record will appear.  Confirm that the ILL number at the top of the record and the item title match the paperwork and the item.  If it is not a match, consult with your supervisor.  

Print the Record

Print now button

STEP ONE-Receive borrowed items-Books & A/V

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Keep the record open.  Staple all the item's ILL paperwork to the back of the printed record in the upper left hand corner.  Highlight the name of the patron on the sheet.

As needed,  attach an ILL pre-printed label to the item in the upper left corner.  Do not cover any other labels or markings made by the lending library.  Fill in the patron name, ILL number, and due date. 

STEP ONE-Receive borrowed items-Books & A/V

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On the computer record,  click on "Mark Received".  The record will update and the Interlibrary Loan Home Screen with reappear. 

Notify the patrons of received items by sending an email using the MC_ILL  Outlook email account and the default signature for Item/book Pickup.  Place items on the Pickup shelf at the Circulation Desk in alphabetical order by the patron's last name.

When do you cover library labels on an Interlibrary Loan item using Milligan Library labels?

STEP TWO-Foward documents to Milligan patrons

On the Interlibrary Home page under the search box will appear a link to AE Alerts if a lending library has sent a electronic copy of an article.

If you see any AE Alert items in the borrowing column, follow these steps to forward the documents(s):

Click the number next to AE Alert to view the request record(s).

In the “Alert” field of each request, on the far-right side of the request record, you’ll see the unique Article Exchange URL and password the borrowing patron will use to retrieve the item, as well as an “Email to patron” button.

A new box will open, with the request information auto-filled. Double check to be sure the email address for the patron is correct Include the phrase "interlibrary loan" in the subject line before "article".

In the body of the email, underneath the URL and password information to the article, copy and paste the Note information from the sticky notes on the Interlibrary Loan computer desktop.

Click Send, and you’ll see a message that the email has been sent. A copy of the sent email will appear in the mc_ill mail folder as well as being sent to the patron.

Click Send, and you’ll see a message that the email has been sent. A copy of the sent email will appear in the mc_ill junk mail folder as well as being sent to the patron.

Update the record in Resource Sharing as you would a mailed item. Select “ Mark Received.” A pop-up text at the top of the screen will tell you the item has been updated.


Please enter your name and email address to retrieve a copy of your completed quiz.

You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. If you are doing this for a class, you may need to enter your instructor's email address also.